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FFAI - Martin Galvin



A-Bradley admits sent to rule with no clue about north

Karen Bradley, picked by Prime Minister Theresa May to administer  British rule in the six counties, said she had no understanding of the  north when picked for the post. Bradley made her frank admissions to House  magazine,  a weekly parliamentary magazine giving Westminster MPs puff piece  interviews. Bradley confessed she had did not understand basic facts of  the north’s politics, elections


B-No deal Brexit and hard border disaster threatened

Due to exit the European Union on March 29,2019, Britain has offered  no acceptable deal with the EU to avoid a disastrous hard border across  Ireland. The biggest obstacle is Theresa May’s dependence on 10 DUP  votes at Westminster. The Irish, British and EU want to avoid a hard  border across the island. Without a deal, the six counties becomes an  external EU border, requiring customs, immigration and tariff controls.  There are 300 border crossings. French President Emmanuel Macron summed up the EU’s reaction to May’s  latest proposals saying “Brexit is the choice of the British people,  pushed by those who predicted easy solutions… Those people are liars.”

C-AOH Leaders meet Ballymurphy Massacre Campaign Families

Saying  they came “to pledge American support for Ballymurphy in its battle for  truth and justice,” National AOH Vice-President Danny O’Connell, and  National Secretary Jere Cole met Ballymurphy Massacre families on Sunday  September 23rd. The AOH leaders were escorted by family members to the  murder scenes and given a moving account of each killing. The  fact-finding visit was also attended by Relatives for Justice. Danny O’Connell said:

“Both Jerry Cole and I have visited Ballymurphy before and were  familiar with the events, but hearing the deep pain in the voices of  family members as they spoke of the murders of their loved ones, while  standing in the spots where these murders were committed, was deeply  moving. Eleven innocent people including a priest and mother of 8 were  murdered. Their families are entitled to truth about the killings of  their loved ones”. 

D-“Hooded Men” court fight on torture

The “Hooded Men” vowed to win their legal fight to brand Britain  guilty of torture in British Courts, even as the European Court of Human  Rights declined to review its 1978 judgment holding Britain guilty of  inhuman and degrading treatment. The torture case goes back to August  9,1971,and the start of Internment. Men picked up without charge were  used as human guinea pigs and subjected to sensory deprivation torture  techniques.  


Carmel Quinn, whose brother John Laverty was a Ballymurphy Massacre  victim, is coming to America to the AOH. She will speak on Sunday  November 11th at a Philadelphia FFAI event organized by Gerry McHale,  and Pearse Kerr; Monday in New Jersey organized by Sean Pender and  Malachy McAllister; Babylon AOH Hall on Tuesday; going to Washington DC  on the 14th-15th with event by Jim McLaughlin returning Thursday night  15th for event at O’Lunneys in Manhattan; Friday in Albany organized by  John Levendosky and Dolores Desch. National VP Danny O’Connell will  bring Carmel Quinn to Cleveland Ohio on Saturday before she is honored  Sunday in the Bronx together with Congressman Joe Crowley and ECHO  Editor Ray O’Hanlon. More events may be announced.

We are expanding Carmel Quinn’s Ballymurphy tour to include  Cleveland, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington DC and other New York.  The upcoming Ballymurphy Inquest is a crucial test of British legacy  justice.

Indian River Area Catholic Parishes

St Sebastian Catholic church

Our Chaplain Father John Morrisey is the Pastor of this wonderful Church

Holy Cross Catholic Church

Lovely Parish near Vero Beach town and the Ocean

St John of the Cross Catholic Church

Great parish in a lovely setting in Vero Beach

St Helens Cathollic Church

Beautiful Church in downtown Vero Beach

Diocese of Palm Beach


Welcome to the website of the Diocese of  Palm Beach of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach! Whether you are  searching for information about the diocese, the parishes and schools or  about the Roman Catholic Church in general, I hope that our diocesan  website will be of help to you.

The Diocese of Palm Beach is comprised of five counties in  Southeastern Florida: Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and  Okeechobee. 

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito